Welcome to Befrienders Worldwide Seafarers’ Page

Are you finding life emotionally challenging now? Feeling frustrated and upset that you cannot do anything to help your situation, nobody wants to know? Befrienders Worldwide seafarers support centres are just a click away. Please try to connect with us, and your voice will be heard. Please get in touch with our seafarers support centres by clicking below.

You may call any centre (below) which is open – wherever you are in the world. They are open 7 days a week

Please say that you are a SEAFARER and you have contacted them via the Befrienders Worldwide website. (Of course, all calls remain strictly confidential and you need not give your name)

The current time is 23:01 UTC
(This is the Coordinated Universal Time)

Please note that Samaritans in Spain (below) is using a US toll-free number

We are pleased to say that HK Samaritans will be available to take calls from Seafarers from 10:00hrs-22:00hrs. (10am-10pm HK time ) from now on.


Samaritans Southcoast

Status : CLOSED

Call +1 508 673 3720

Operating Hours:

From: 03:00 UTC
To: 18:00 UTC

Local Time: UTC-5 hrs


Samaritans in Spain

Status : CLOSED

Call +1 877 209 2475

Operating Hours:

From: 09:00 UTC
To: 21:00 UTC

Local Time: UTC+1 hrs


GIBSAMS- Gibraltar

Status : CLOSED

WhatsApp 0035 0560 03612

Operating Hours:

From: 14:00 UTC
To: 22:00 UTC

Local Time: UTC+1 hrs


The Samaritans

Status: CLOSED

Call +852 2896 0000

Operating Hours:

From: 02:00 UTC
To: 14:00 UTC

Local Time: UTC+8 hrs


In Touch Philippines

Status: OPEN NOW

Call +63 9190 560 709

Operating Hours:

From: 16:00 UTC
To: 15:59 UTC

Local Time: UTC+8 hrs

Your call is important. If you cannot get through please wait and try again.